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AdaptX is your breath of fresh air in the Belgian consultancy landscape. Next to exploring together what fits you best and helping you grow towards future ambitions, you will become a full member of a community of like-minded consultants. Our model allows you to shape the company together with us in line with our core values. To us, these values are not used as buzzwords. We live them. And we walk our talk.

What will you do?

As a scrum master, you keep things moving and improve them. You help teams deliver by coaching them in agile ways of working and promoting collaboration, trust and self-organization. You facilitate all agile ceremonies and work closely with project stakeholders, other teams and management to keep them informed and facilitate decision making. Continuous delivery drives you: you remove obstacles and resolve conflicts that hinder your team and the organization, while following up on the product and sprint backlog. You celebrate successes but always go for more: you strive for continuous improvement in both your team’s way of working as well as advising clients on implementing organizational changes.

Your profile

For this role, we require the following:

• Minimum a bachelor’s degree
• +4 years experience as consultant
• +2 years experience as scrum master or product owner
• Strong knowledge of Agile Principles and Scrum Framework, as well as other frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, …). Certification is a strong plus, but experience on implementing them is more important
• Outstanding problem solving and negotiating skills, with eye for detail
• Excellent coaching skills: an empathic listener and proven expertise in guiding teams in agile way of working,
• Highly adaptable to new situations and client requests, but also able to challenge them
• Proficient in agile tooling (Jira, AzureDevops, Confluence) and producing agile metrics (sprint burndowns, …)
• Knowledge of visual facilitation techniques
• Keeping up with the latest trends in agile way of working (sociocratie 3.0, liberating structures, servant leadership, …)

But most of all, we are looking for like-minded consultants to join our community:

• You work hands-on and result driven
• Fluent in English and native in Dutch or French, with business proficiency in the other
• Multi-disciplinarity is at our core. We are strong believers of consultants being able to adapt themselves quicky and are able to work cross-functional when needed. Of course, we’ll support and coach you during every step.
• Entrepreneurial mindset:
> You’re able to spot opportunities at clients and recruit from your network
> We empower consultants to be involved in the company’s internal working, such as pre-sales activities, recruitment, coaching colleagues, acting as SPOC for a client or organizing training. And time will be foreseen for this.
• Being or willing to become the go-to person for specific sectors and/or domains
• You’re a strong and empathic communicator
• Act as a natural connector: you are able to bring stakeholders together and play a facilitating role by creating synergies between them
• Focus on people centered change: you support and manage our clients in their digital transformation. Next to the project delivery, we take away concerns and fears from stakeholders, creating buy-in through all layers of the organization
• Keeping a cool head in demanding environments is something that comes naturally to you
• Knowledge sharing and coaching are key. You are willing to help others and are open to accept help and guidance
• You inspire trust, show respect to other people and act at all time guided by a strong ethical code

What we offer you at AdaptX?

• An open, warm and respectful company, where you will be part of something new and different
• Supporting you in every phase of your life through creating:
> A hybrid and flexible work environment with plenty of options to work at the client, from your home office or together with AdaptX colleagues at one of our office hubs (Kontich, Ghent, Genk, Bruges)
> Safeguarding a healthy balance between client related activities and internal activities
> With respect for your individual private situation, whether it is related to illness, pregnancy or parttime work regimes
• A motivating environment: AdaptX offers plenty of exciting challenges and creates a platform with room for initiative and creative ideas.
• Being part of a larger ecosystem, we serve a wide variety of customers, both mid sized as large organizations, with a geographical spread across Belgium.
• Supporting you in your growth: we help you realize your ambitions through extensive coaching and training
• 32 days of annual leave: because it’s not all about working
• And of course, a comprehensive rewards package, including a premium company e-car/fuel card, net allowance, mobility plan, meal vouchers, eco vouchers, DKV hospitalization plan, group insurance

Interested in joining our community? Or questions? We are always open for a chat.

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